JoeWR - 3/21/2018 9:03 PM
In PA, everybody seems to go to Dutch Springs in Bethlehem. It’s not far from NJ. You’ve probably seen it talked about here a lot. As you’d expect, it’s cold. When I started diving there in August, I wore a 7mm Farmer John/jacket with hood, boots, and gloves. I don’t think the water temperature has been above the 60s when I’ve been there. However, it’s a cool place (no pun intended). Other than that, I know of Willow Springs (haven’t been there) and various lakes and rivers. The problem is that not all are suitable or available for diving.

Which dive sites do you recommend in Florida? I’m intending to go for a short visit in April and a longer one in May. I’m staying in St. Augustine. I’m willing to drive to the best places.