lerpy - 7/08/2017 8:35 PM
Hey Pete,

Myself and a couple of buddies are getting hotels, however my friends from Syracuse are all camping. so far I think there will be about 6 guys coming from SYR. My buddy in SYR owns a shop and is an instructor and will be doing sidemount demos and various other demos. There will be some newer divers coming with them, as well as some more advanced OW divers.

As for myself, I am coming from Kingston Ontario and my good friend is coming from Wash DC, along with another guy from Toronto. The three of us are all tech divers, cave divers with some good experience under our belts. I am backmount diver and my buddy is a sidemounter.

I am going to PM you and give you my email so we can communicate and I can give you some more details.