CrazyJones - 1/27/2017 11:27 PM
Pretty common for the boats to tie off on the wreck here in NC. I guess it’s because not many of them have any real historical significance except maybe for the Uboats. Every wreck I’ve dived the last 15 years has been tied off on the wreck. I believe there was some discussion about mooring buoys awhile back. Mooring buoy idea was tossed out because someone had to pay to maintain it, and the state wasn’t going to do it, and none of the local dive shops was going to do it because the "law of the sea" is that anyone can use it, so the first thing that happens is the dive boat pulls up and there’s some fisherman tied off on it 24/7. So it turns into a "not my problem" thing.

My concern with the C-card issue is who’s gonna be my buddy? I usually don’t bring one along so I get paired on the boat. Probably with some guy/gal I’ve never met before. I’d like to feel assured he/she has at least a basic open water cert and didn’t just run across a great deal at the flea mall on some scuba gear and decide he/she wanted to try out scuba.