GraveyardDiver - 1/02/2017 11:33 AM
I hate charters like this. There’s one service here in town that does it that way. All the divers "vote" on the wreck they want to go to when the boat is leaving the slip. That sucks for two reasons, first, It isn’t fair to the guy who just got certified last weekend because all the more experienced divers don’t want to dive a beginner-level wreck. "crew have been in the position where you discreetly tell a significant other that they do not have to do the dive if they are not comfortable doing it" ... you shouldn’t have to tell a diver he shouldn’t dive after you’ve taken his money just because he didn’t know where the dive was going to be until he was under way. Second, all the tourists always want to go to the U-352. That isn’t fair to guys like me who have dived the 352 a hundred times and would like to go somewhere new and different. We alway get out-voted.

Don’t get me wrong, the 352 is a great dive, but it’s like eating birthday cake 3x a day for a month.

I stopped diving with groups who have such piss poor planning that they can’t decide where to go dive until they’re leaving the slip. If it’s a weather call and an alternate site is chosen, that’s a different thing.

When I pay my money for an experience I should know what experience I’m paying for, not be left up to some popularity contest betwixt divers on the way out.