DiverfromBaskingRidge - 12/19/2016 11:58 AM
From Morganw215: Thank you! I’m new to the BP&W. Recommendations?

Not so simple - you need to know what your lift requirements are based on the configuration that you dive.

I am only giving you an example -
Do you mostly dive in a 5 mm wetsuit, wet gloves, boots and hood - how much weight does it take to sink your exposure protection? 14 lbs? (not how much lead do you dive with...)

What tank do you use most often with your regulator setup? Aluminum 80 - what are the characteristics of it being at 500psi? About +4 lbs.

This will help you determine your weight requirements - the back plate has different characteristics like weight - Aluminum/Stainless Steel will weigh more than carbon fiber back plate. You can deduct this from the weight of the wing needed to support you and your gear.

You may want to talk with your LDS or contact someone like Deep Sea Supply - Tobin for more specifics.