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Dutch Springs alternatives
LatitudeAdjustment - 3/10/2022 7:56 AM
Category: Training
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With Dutch restricting who can dive you need to look to alternatives

For many in NJ I never understood why they did the long drive to Dutch. We have an ocean with many places like the back bay of Shark River available for skill and equipment checks, okay it’s shallow, limited viz, you’ll need to rinse the gear and you can only get one dive in during slack high tide.

Is Willow Springs still open? Their website seems dated

Bainbridge’s website is gone :( The last review was in 2017

Divers Academy International is permanently closed as of 12/30/21 so we can’t call them and ask. Maybe some locals can go test the waters

Still unconfirmed if this 40 acre quarry is or will be open to the public, Ray

In between Lakehurst and Whiting NJ is an old sand quarry that is closed to the public but used by the NJ State Police for dive training. There has been talking going on for years about it becoming a park. If it’s a county or town park then we have a chance but NJ state parks are closed to scuba diving. We’ve already had that discussion on DB about the Devil’s Bathtub/Blue Hole in south Jersey which is in a State Park.

Any other suggestions?