Best online ressource for Fish & Critters Identification
smilingseahorse - 9/29/2020 5:24 AM
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Ever met an underwater critter you’ve never seen before? It happens to me all the time when diving in Myanmar and I am so curious I have to learn more about these mysteries.
Of course when cruising Mergui Archipelago, internet isn’t available so I am just looking at my favorite fish identifications books which we always keep onboard.

But if the book fails me, I have more tools in my search quest to find the name and specifics of the marine life I find underwater.

My selection of online ressources to identify the reef species you meet underwater:

For fish Identification:

-​FishBase fishbase.org/ a large base of worldwide fish, available in many languages
-Australian Museum australian.museum/ a complete sheet with fishes classified by family and order
-Gobies gobiidae.com/ a goby specialized website
-Fish Photo Database fishdb.co.uk/ an English names database with pictures
-​Fish Photo list oceanlight.com/ a list a fishes around the world

For Sea slugs and other invertebrate identification:

-​Sea Slug Forum seaslugforum.net/ a database from the Australian museum
-Nudibranch Identification nudipixel.net/ a facebook page about nudis
-Cephalopods thecephalopodpage.org/ Catalog and articles about page
-Facebook group ​NUDIBRANCHS, WORMS AND SEA SLUGS a share and ask plateform

For all reef creature identification:

-Coral Reef Creatures reefimages.com/ a Portofolio of all fishes and invertebrates
-SeaLifeBase sealifebase.org/ a scientific database
-Facebook group for all marine life: ​ID Please (Marine Creature Identification) ask anything you need to identify
-Facebook group for shrimps and crabs: Crustacean Identification Group a community helper