4th to 7th of December: A cruise fit for Royals...
smilingseahorse - 12/15/2020 1:51 AM
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This weekend was a very special trip for the 4 guests who had the rare opportunity to have their very own private VIP cruise around the Surin and Similan national parks. Talk about exclusivity at its best! (sorry for the delay, I haven’t posted this before the last trip... keep tuned for next trip report coming soon!)

These lucky divers accompanied by two guides were blessed with a few lucky finds during their cruise...
school of fish in Similan islands
4th to 7th of December, the private yacht experience :)
On the very first dive at Koh Chi a blue ribbon eel was spotted by a group, while the other found a turtle sleeping under a rock.

Koh Bon had great visibility and so many fish! A massive school of fusiliers blanketed the whole reef while colorful goat fish, trevallies and jackfish danced amongst them.
Some tunas swam by ahead while an octopus and sea snake crawled around beneath us.
At Koh Tachai we saw a napoleon wrasse and even more huge groups of schooling fish. Some of the giant trevallies were as big as dolphins!

Richelieu Rock delivered once more with schools of rainbow runners and tunas in the blue as well as another visit to the giant frogfish who has been hanging out at the bottom of the pinnacle. This week he even made unlikely friends with a baby seahorse reminding us that life is always better with a buddy!

​Along the way we met some mantis shrimps, kinky cuttlefish and a pair of ghost pipefish and our safety stop offered the bonus of a curious eagle ray cruising by. We were also very excited to find the eggs of a spanish dancer nudibranch which sparked much excitement for future encounters with their mom!

Have you ever seen a cowrie so pretty?
Small but oh so pretty we also found baby boxfish and some tiger egg cowries. What a trip !

8 staff for only 4 guests: That’s called luxury!
Finally, a huge congratulations to Pascal for completing his Nitrox certification ! We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon!

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