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Looking for dive buddies Charlotte, NC or North Florida
twitch133 - 3/19/2020 2:08 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
Replies: 3

New diver looking for buddies in the Charlotte, NC area, I call home. I am considering membership at PDRA to gain access to the Lake Norman Quarry, or Lake Jocassee and Hot Hole dive.

Or locals to North Florida, Devil’s Den, Blue Grotto, Ginnie Springs, Rainbow river, ect... I am about a 5-7 hour drive from most of those and am planning on making it several times a year.
eod13x - 7 days 2 hours ago.
Hey man, I am sorta local to you. I live just outside Columbia, SC. I’ve been wanting to head out to lake Jocassee for a while now. Also, I have a boat I am working on that will be able to handle offshore dives. I have all my own kit and 2 tanks, just hard to find a buddy.
twitch133 - 5 days 19 hours ago.
Hey! You’re not far at all man, I’m in Columbia on a somewhat regular basis for work. I completely agree on the hard to find a buddy thing, I’ve only been in it for a few months now, but end up having to take organized trips with my LDS to find buddies to dive with right now.

One of the shops local to me runs a few wreck and fossil ledge dives off the NC coast every summer too.

I’ve got my own backmount kit (BP&W) along with a single steel 120. I’m working on putting together a sidemount kit and getting my credentials for tech sidemount as well.

I’m sure there is not going to be many opportunities for travel right now, but I’ve heard the lake is still pretty cold anyway, we’ll have to meet up for a jocassee trip
eod13x - 4 days 12 hours ago.
Definitely man. Yeah with the travel restrictions I’m under right now (I’m active duty Army) I can’t do anything but go home and go to work. I will send you my contact info in a PM so when possible we can plan a dive up there at Jocassee.