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Dive buddies wanted in Florida Georgia area (or advice)
Sheaya - 3/21/2013 1:58 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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I am seeking to set up dive trips weekly or as often as possible. I have my open water certification and am seeking to eventually get all the way up to dive masters to be able to do an internship (I know this will take time) but in the meantime I need a full dive log. I am willing to drive all over Florida (springs or ocean) and places in Georgia or possibly South Carolina. Please message me or comment on this post if you would like to set up some dive trips or if you have any tips or advice on getting all of my certifications and on internships for underwater camera operating!
ginovega - 3/24/2013 7:37 AM

There are some diving clubs is the Georgia area, the most active is Atlanta Aquanauts.. you can find them in Meetup, the y meet monthly and have diving trips often. Also there are one in Jacksonville - Bubbles up of which there some members here in Check out scubadreaming, Mike and DeAnn run that group and they have several trips...I was able to dive with them in Puerto Rico ( form where I am from) and they are very cool people...

Let me know if I can help you in any way...

Sheaya - 3/25/2013 3:59 PM
Thank you Gino this is very helpful!
ginovega - 3/26/2013 11:21 AM
You are very welcome...There are other diving groups in the Tampa Bay area...I found them in meetup too...Many have diving trips etc...Let me know if you need anymore info and if you want to head down to Puerto Rico let me know as well as I can provide you lots of info about diving in my island...Rememeber you dont nee da passport to travel to PR we are a US Territoty...
shellmoundal - 4/01/2013 7:18 AM
I am a Cave Diver in Gainesville fl. I dive the Springs every weekend. I am also setting up a trip on the Oriskany for the 27th of April. All Divers must be at the least AOW Certified. If you qualifiy let me know. I have a Female with over 1000 dives looking for a roomate. The cost is $250.00 double occupancy which includes 2 nights in the Extended Suites and a 2 Tank Dive on the Oriskany with H2o Charter.

If you are interested in learning the Springs of Central Florida let me know and we will dive together.

In Athens Ga there is a Dive Shop called Dalphin Dive. Tim is the owner. They go all over Ga, Fl, and SC diving every month. Last month I ran into 3 of their divers at Manantee Springs in Chiefland Fl. One of them was an instructor for Dalphin Dive Shop.

Good luck with your passion to dive, I know the feeling. One advice I will give you is go at this slowly. Practice what you have been taught and then go to the next level when you are comfortable with what you have learned. I have seen panic in Divers that were no ready for the advanced training. I hate to say this but many instructors are more interested in the money than the diver.
caves4me - 4/01/2013 2:10 PM
Sheaya, Take your time with your new diving adventures.
caves4me - 4/01/2013 2:15 PM
Sheaya, Take your time with your new diving adventures.
Sheaya - 4/01/2013 2:59 PM
Thank you everyone for the diving advice! It is very appreciated! :)
JMorales - 4/02/2013 1:30 PM

I am also in the Gainesville area and have dove with "Shellmoundal" before. He is a good guy and a good diver.

If you ever want to dive the north Florida springs at all send either one of us a line and we would be more than happy to show you around.

diverdon63 - 3/25/2014 6:04 PM
hi sheaya, I would also like to do a lot of dives. my problem is I can’t find anyone else who is interested. I live in ga. near atl. I am interested in any trips you may have planned. hope to hear from you . thanks
bsharp117 - 4/14/2018 4:50 PM
Hi Sheaya,
I live in Coral Springs (S Fla) and always looking for buddies to explore shore dives with. If you are ever this way let me know. I also plan on interning to get my DM cert and eventually go up to instructors. Also want to learn how to perfect my underwater photography.