Millbrook Quarry’s Buddy-Dive Day (Haymarket VA)
Frankenfish - 3/07/2019 1:47 PM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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Anyone needing a dive buddy for Millbrook Quarry’s Buddy-Dive Day (Haymarket VA, 23 Mar 19) Let me know.
Greg - 3/10/2019 3:29 PM
For those that are interested, here is a link to the Millbrook Quarry dive site listing on DiveBuddy: divebuddy.com/divesite/1317/millbrook-quarry-aka-...lbrook-haymarket-va/
dpan - 4/11/2019 6:40 PM
I’m looking for dive buddy’s. I live 30 min from Millbrook so let me know when you’re coming down.