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Soccer Team Stuck in Cave in Thailand
Greg - 7/03/2018 12:23 PM
Category: General
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The young boys stuck in a water filled cave in Thailand that may need to learn to scuba dive to get out, got me thinking...

Is there a small, narrow, dive capsule/submarine that could be used to safely transport each boy out of the cave? It only needs to hold enough air to make the mile long journey, and divers could guide it through the water so it doesn’t need navigation or to propel itself.

I’m sure the teams on the ground helping with the rescue efforts have thought of everything. But this issue makes me think that we need a better way to rescue people stuck underwater. Any thoughts or links to equipment that could help in a situation like this?
Caloosa - 7/04/2018 5:59 AM
The boys can’t swim and have never had any scuba training...monumental undertaking to think they can get them out that way! The cave also has passages that only one person at a time can squeeze about boys who would probably lose it under those claustrophobic conditions, wow. Waiting until the rainy season ends over there takes them to October, No thoughts I have of equipment to help those poor boys and I know there are people with a lot more knowledge of cave diving then me.
Eric_R - 7/05/2018 2:57 PM
I seems that they are weighing all the possibilities and the safety of each. They can get goods into them to make their stay better. It doesnt do any good to injure or kill them trying to hurry a rescue.
Greg - 7/06/2018 9:35 AM
What about putting them in a full commercial diving suit and helmet? Then give them a mild sedative so they don’t panic. Then divers can pull them out?
Eric_R - 7/06/2018 6:29 PM
Now that a diver has died, I think they better rethink their approach.
Bmax - 7/09/2018 6:36 AM
Now that 4 boys have been rescued from the cave, and led out by divers. I think the odds are better for getting the rest out. As long as all remain calm and trust the team.
Greg - 7/10/2018 12:05 PM
This is exactly what I was talking about: