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Scuba Earth—Dive Location pins
BeekeeperGreg - 6/05/2018 7:33 AM
Category: Web Site Help
Replies: 7

In the past, I could see the dive locations on the map.
Now I can’t—what did I do?
LatitudeAdjustment - 6/05/2018 1:41 PM
I’m seeing them
Greg - 6/05/2018 3:32 PM
I can see them too. What browser are you using?
BeekeeperGreg - 6/05/2018 9:26 PM
I am using Google Chrome.
I can see the Dive Buddies and Shop pins but not the Dive Locations.
Greg - 6/06/2018 8:45 AM
Which page are you on?
DiverfromBaskingRidge - 6/06/2018 12:33 PM
FYI only - I use Firefox and the pins are there - but you know you can not use the GPS coordinates for "exact locations" - they do not line up - you could be a quarter mile away...

I would use what we normally use - or I can send you specific locations - but this map is not for finding wrecks...
Greg - 6/06/2018 6:05 PM
From DiverfromBaskingRidge: but this map is not for finding wrecks

Our ScubaEarth is primarily designed for discovering new dive sites and finding nearby members or dive shops.