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Map location info, your profile and dive sites.
Greg - 6/01/2008 9:44 AM
Category: Web Site Help
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In Edit Profile > Personal, where you edit your own location information, there is a link that says "Add Map Location". Click that link to add the coordinates of where you live. If you’ve already added your map location, that link will say "Update Map Location". Once your location is added, a new link is available on your profile called "View Map Location" next to your profile photo. That will show members a Google map with a push pin over your location.

Regarding the Dive Site section, if you’ve added your own map location and you live near a dive site, your push pin will show up on the dive site map so members can contact you if they are interested in diving that location.

To add the Dive Map to your provifile, go to Edit Profile > Settings and choose to show the dive map. Then when you click "I’ve Been Here" on a dive site, that location shows up on your Dive Map.