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Viz report requested
Caloosa - 9/23/2017 12:51 PM
Category: General
Replies: 3

If anyone has been Southeastern Florida diving off Jupiter or southward towards Lauderdale, could you please advise on the viz conditions.
LatitudeAdjustment - 9/24/2017 7:03 AM
I’ve been watching for any dive reports in that area, what happened to the wrecks and reefs from that surge. I haven’t seen anything yet other than BHB has a swimming ban.
FtMyersTom - 9/24/2017 4:12 PM
Word from the Keys is sand has been pushed around and settled into coral. After some time and tidal cycles things should clear up. One good thing is the storm cleared up the brown algae that had gotten very bad. I hope because my last trip to Marathon just before Irma the vis was 10ft because of that.

There has also been some swimming advisories around here but not sure about the Atlantic coast. Lots of contaminants got into the water. Check with Gold Coast Scuba and Pompano Dive Center and I’m sure they will let ya know how things are going in that area.
LatitudeAdjustment - 9/28/2017 7:40 AM
Reports are starting to come in from the Keys and it’s looking good. Just keep in mind these are from the dive shops so your experience may vary. Like the Ski reports on how much snow is on the trails or the ocean temps from the Jersey shore that always seem to be optimistic.