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NJ dive club report
AP - 11/27/2007 7:00 PM
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NJ dive club reportI didn`t want to message all of my buddies with this, because some are not from Jersey. I mentioned to a few buddies that I was going to check out a couple local dive clubs, and they asked for a `report`, so here is tis! Okay, so I went to the Divers Anonymous dive club meeting last night. There were about 15 people, mostly older guys (one lady and a few young guys), which is typical. They usually get around 20, and there are 40+ total members. They were very welcoming and everyone seemed pretty friendly, which made me feel good since I was 15 min late! They do a lot of club events - 3-4 boat dives, club trips (NC, NY etc), shore dives, and guest speakers like Gary Gentile and Dan Cromwell, holiday party (in Jan - which they invited me to!!) They have a regular club biz meeting first, then do something like a speaker or special topic. The `topic` last night was - everyone brought in an artifact or picture and told the story about it. Then we `silent` voted, and the top 3 vote getters got scuba prizes - pretty cool idea. Anywho, $25 for the year, meets last Mon of ev mo @ 7:30 (except Dec - it`s earlier due to X-mas). They meet at an old local italian restaurant (with a bar - critical!) I will probably join. since it`s cheap, I`ll get a few more diving opportunities, and what else do I have to do on a Monday night? -Alex (AP)


Laurie - 11/29/2007 7:48 PM
Alex, that was great of you to do the research and share. I live in the City and am hesitant to join the few clubs that are in the City since they are so big. Do you think you will join this group?