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NJ Dive Club meeing #2
AP - 2/07/2008 5:42 PM
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Category: Personal
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I went to another dive club`s meeting last night. This was the `On the Bottom` club meeting in Mahwah.

First, I got there at 720 for a 730 mtg. One guy was there. He said I was at the right place, but things don`t get started till 8. Great! why don`t they say that in the flier! So I went to the "atrium cafe" and spent $13 on a lousy quesadilla, and $7 on a bottle of Guiness.

When I went back at 750, there was a good crowd of 25 or so guys, well all guys at least 20 yrs older than me and 20 lbs heavier!! I made idle chat with a couple blokes, but no one talked about the club. Strange - you would think they would want to promote it to a new face.

The meeting is in a dance club. There`s no music or other people, but it was a strange, poorly lit venue. They had over 30 people, which warrents a larger room, but still a strange venue. Since the club is run by a local dive shop, we got to listen to some commercials for a while before the guest speaker. The speaker was very good - the auther of "the Last Dive" speaking about the history of the development of the dive tables and computer algorithms - it was more interesting than it sounds.

After the speaker, there was a break, and I bolted. I don`t know what the rest of the meeting was about, but I wasnt really interested. Plus, it was 35 minutes away and it was 915 and I was tired. I won`t join and probably wont go back unless there`s a great speaker.