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new forum for equipment
AP - 3/27/2008 4:43 PM
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Category: Equipment
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There is so much equipment for this sport, and there are so many variations and manufacturers that deciding on what to purchase can be daunting. Then, when you`ve found a product that you like, where to get the best price/service. I have tried several sites to get "objective" commentary and reviews with no real satifiaction. At this point, I have pieced together a lot of what I need to dive various conditions, but when I think about the next thing I want to add, I get overwhelmed considering the challange of the research ahead.

Part of the problem is the American culture of planned obsolecence - products are not manufactured as well so they break down quicker, so we have to buy another one. The other problem is the Amerian culture of marketing, and `needing` the newest, fanciest thing. Is this year`s model THAT much better than last year`s or 2 years ago?? According to the manufacturers, it is - that`s marketing to get you to replace a perfectly good product, because the enw version has a slight enhancement. I am sick of it, and want an alternative.

First, there should be a forum for equipment. Sure there are some forums, and many topics are on equipment, but I am talking about a dedicated scuba equipment forum, with lots of products listed, where real divers with no agenda can go on and post opinions. Where divers can say.. Whats the diff betw this reg and that one? Some centralized source that can bring in whatever professional product reviews are avail, then get real diver reviews on top of that. Maybe where and unbiased professional can comment on the right type of equipment for the right need. While I had access to that with some instructors in the past, I don`t have any classes now, and the only professionals are the shop owners pushing what they sell and have the biggest markup on!!

Give me your feedback - am I way off base or would there be a demand for something better? Thanks, AP.


Scout - 5/07/2008 6:25 AM
Alex - I found this at
AirOn - 4/01/2008 6:37 PM
I guess you can move my personal blogs on equipment reviews there too... :-)
NWKatShark - 3/30/2008 5:55 PM
I agree. Every Manufacturer is going to blow it’s own horn. Divers need to share their own experiences buying/using particular makes/models.

I, personally, would like to have the platform available to advise others about DPV "copies" that are junk and dangerous.
Spanky70 - 3/30/2008 12:51 PM
This would make for a great forum. There was so much stuff to choice from at BTS. I know I am looking at new regs for myself and tanks and would love to read others people’s opinion on them. I usually have to rely on the dive shop and lets face it sometimes they may not always tell the truth. Sam
Greg - 3/28/2008 12:06 PM
Hey Alex, send me more ideas on what you want in the equipment forum OR what you’d want to be able to do. I’m in design phase now with the new site and if your ideas sound good, I’ll do it. Thanks, Greg.