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Breand New Tusa Scuba Equipment - Shop Buy out
got2dive - 11/20/2008 11:48 PM
Category: For Sale
Replies: 2

Finally, a Diver can Get a Deal"

I purchased the remaining stock from a local dive shop with the thoughts of

opening my own shop, but; Time constraints are keeping me out of the retail arena.

Any way - I have a LOT of BRAND NEW Equipment, mostly TUSA, that I am going to sell

on E Bay >> Cheap.....…..

I got a deal with bulk pricing, since I bought so much, so I am going to pass along the savings

The items are listed on E Bay and their links to pictures and detailed discriptions are below

Tusa X-Pert Regulator, (RS-460)
TUSA RS-340 Regulator Black

Tusa Platina II Octopus, Yellow (SS-20)
Tusa Compact 3 Gauge Console (SCA-330)

Tusa High Pressure Guage
Scuba knife, Stainless with case & Straps

Tusa Liberator Sigma BCD, Black (BCJ-3200) Brand NE
Tusa Selene BCD, Black (BCJ-9100) Brand new

Tusa DC Sapience Wrist Dive Computer (IQ-800)

Scuba diving accessories, BC Clips-Brass,Plastic, More

johng - 11/21/2008 11:43 AM
that stuff isnt cheap $225.00 for a knife??????????????/
got2dive - 11/21/2008 12:58 PM

Thanks for the heads up
The stuff is Brand New and Priced right... But I am not giving it away.
I have checked the net on all the prices so I Know

Again, Thanks for the reply,

Brian Raab