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Samantha from Vernon NJ | Instructor

I am a bit of a nut and always try to live life to it`s fullest. Scuba Diving is my passion. There is nothing like being under the water, it is a lifestyle for me and I will not give it up. I made it all the way to Naui Asst. Instructor and when I have the time I will go on to the ITC for full instructor. I am lucky enough to have meet some of the greatest people diving and look forward to meet more.


Mcgyver4739 - 7/18/2008 7:02 AM
Hope you have a great B-DAY!
GypsyDiver - 6/09/2008 9:49 PM
the dragon lives up north in Sparta. He was my LT when I was a platoon sergeant
GypsyDiver - 6/09/2008 9:36 PM
have fun! Which Bar is it that you work at??
GypsyDiver - 6/09/2008 9:30 PM
I should be there this weekend.
GypsyDiver - 6/09/2008 5:12 PM
thanks for letting maddogmaz and I hang out with you guys on Saturday night.
AP - 2/08/2008 8:21 AM
You were right! Smooches..
K - 2/06/2008 9:06 PM
When we doing lunch? Im off lol
AP - 1/11/2008 1:54 PM
Roadtrip??!! Did someone say ROADTRIP?? Sure, I`m in.
theop - 1/03/2008 3:30 PM
hi - Happy New Year ! hope 2008 brings you a lot of happiness - and a lot of fun dives! With me all is well - SSDD. How about you?
ScubaNate - 1/01/2008 1:21 PM
Happy Birthday & Happy New Year! Hope it is a good one.