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Dive Report Lake Tahoe
ScubaHawk - 8/26/2008 12:48 PM
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Dive Report  Lake Tahoe

Dateline 24 Aug 2008 @ 1715 hrs PDT:

Emerald Bay is pictured on the BLOG page.

Cathy and I dived Lake Tahoe today and had a great time even though our diving was truncated by a first stage reg that was causing a slight free flow and "chattering" with deep inhalations. We definately limited our depth to a very shallow 30’ and enjoyed relatively warm water, a beautiful day, and we enjoyed the clean fresh water. Our surface water temp was 68 degrees and our 30’ temperature reading was 65 degrees.

We did survey Dollar Point Wall from a boat. It would have been a beautiful place to dive today as the sky was deep blue, the water clear, the seas were non-existant, and the natural and human scenary was awesome.

Cathy has decided to buy a new regulator package as we both have had trouble with our well known Italian product. We had our Italian regs rebuilt, sent back to the factory, we adjusted the IP constantly and we still have had trouble. What is it called when something keeps repeating itself and you can’t figure out why? Well, we are done with Italian regulators! I got an Oceanic product to replace my Italian piece of junk over a year ago and I am damn glad I did; what a difference! No issues at all. I just use the thing. Cathy is next.

We had a great time at Tahoe because there is so much to do. We went to Sierra Boat to gauk at the perfect condition antique mohagany wood boats, we ate at the Lone Eagle Lodge after a 20 minute boat ride which included scouting Stateline Wall which is definately the 2nd best wall at Tahoe. We also ate at Gar Woods where the Wet Woody is a must have drink! The drink is definately stiff and drives ya it by the pitcher.

Picture from New Mellenium Divers and the SS Tahoe at about 300’.

BowDetail.jpg (44022 bytes)

Gin Clear Water to all!