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um whoops! Now I’m injured and embarrassed..
ScoobahJim - 7/07/2017 11:49 AM
Category: Health & Safety
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Something interesting and mostly embarrassing, happened to me this past weekend.

I am a rookie diver and I would like to share this story with other divers. I learned something that I thought wasn’t an issue while Simply Snorkeling.

While I was at the Crosby Mines in Crosby Minnesota, My brother was working on his open water dives/Certification. I decide to do some snorkeling and enjoy the day. The water was very clear and I honestly could not have asked for a better day to be in the water.

After awhile of snorkeling I saw a northern Pike about 3-5 feet down and wanted to take a closer look, so I duck dove down to take a look. The fish swam away at a pace that I could easily keep up so I followed it for what seemed like only a few feet.

First Mistake.. Blindly Following a fish into dark water.
When I was done following the fish and getting low on air in my lungs, I decided to ascend up to the surface. I figured I was maybe six feet down.. no prob right? Wrong. As I ascended more and more (allowing the buoyancy of my wet suit to lift me up) I started to wonder "Why haven’t I hit the surface yet?"

Second Mistake. I failed to look up!
I didn’t think I was was real deep. However, After ascending so long I looked up and realized I had about 10 more feet to go before I hit the surface! Holy Crap! I blindly followed the fish down a drop off and didn’t realize it. I immediately thought.. "EQUALIZE Dummy!!" But Before I could equalize, both ears equalized themselves. OUCH!!! I felt about 6 rapid fire pops in not one but BOTH ears!

Now I am on a steroid medication and special ear drops because of my stupid blunder.

If you go Snorkeling, you are not immune to injuries like failed equalization. Make sure you pay attention to how deep you are while enjoying the wildlife.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

I went through my Training, and I honestly thought I’d never get injured because I am typically very cautious and I try to stay as safe as possible and follow my training.

A very simple error could cost you dearly.

Believe me my ears hurt very very badly. But the doctor thankfully said there will not be any permanent damage and I will be diving/snorkeling in a week or two.

Just a side comment: My brother came by with full scuba gear and we found I was nearing 25-30ft down.... with only a snorkel!
Eric_R - 7/07/2017 7:49 PM
Water has it’s dangers and these type of accidents show that no one is immune to them. That’s why they’re called accidents. It’s great that you don’t have any long lasting issues.
ram04769 - 7/08/2017 10:53 AM
Glad to hear that it was nothing more serious than that. I was half expecting something along the lines of going deeper than planned and under a ledge or in a cavern and hitting your head while on the way up. But yes, the depth can be very deceptive and you do have to pay attention to your surroundings. Now you can chalk that one up to a learning experience.
ScoobahJim - 7/08/2017 10:59 AM
Definitely opened my eyes and I learned from it for sure!
JohnDiver123 - 7/08/2017 10:59 PM
Thanks for sharing. It will help others for sure.