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Anonymous - 6/17/2017 12:23 AM
Category: Anonymous
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Is it worth getting certified for nitrox ? I won a free e-learning course from SSI.
Anonymous - 6 days 19 hours ago.
I do have circulation issues from type-2, which I have reversed. Nitrox seems the way to go. Thanks.
Anonymous - 6 days 19 hours ago.
And when you get old....

Ya like me...and full of arthritis, EAN makes a world of difference. Even diving 2 times a day I feel much better at the end of the day. I normally dive 2 days then take a day off so I can move with nominal stiffness and pain. Last year in Bonaire I dove every day but some days only 1 dive. I surpassed what I thought I could do and I’m sure it was due to EAN. I know it’s due to the increased O2. Each year that goes by now my body gets worse until the eventual end of diving. Thanks to EAN the end has been extended.
Anonymous - 6 days 5 hours ago.
For free, why not?
It’s a skill you’ll have should the need arise.
maybe it’s all in my mind but I feel better diving nitrox, well enough that its worth the extra money to me.
Anonymous - 6 days 3 hours ago.
Most definitely, go for it!