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Florida Panhandle
topherwarden - 8/22/2016 2:00 AM
Category: Buddy Wanted
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Looking for anyone that would like to link up and beach dive any sites on the Panhandle. Recommendations on sites are always welcomed.

I am looking into the Florida Panhandle Dive Trail which will require a charter. Since I will be traveling down to Florida (only a 3 hour drive) I would like to keep the dives on a budget by diving any shore dives.

Thanks in advance!

searly28 - 8/23/2016 7:50 AM
A lot missing from that link. Panama City for one, has a ton of wrecks. The Red Sea Tug is a good boat dive. Also the Hathaway Bridge spans, which there are a lot of. All boat dives, though. Forget the USS Strength. It’s been blown up so many times that it is a bunch of junk.

Ft Pickens is a shore dive in Pensacola. The Jetties in PC is a good shore dive, though no wrecks there. The Jetties in Destin can be a shore dive, but it’s a long haul on foot. Most do it from a boat. Also there is a shore dive on a wreck from Mexico Beach, but not sure exactly where, as I’ve never done it. Saw a video on the TV Florida Channel.

There is an interesting paddle wheel wreck in the Suwanee River at Old Town. Right next to the bank, but you can’t get to it from there. Have to take a boat about 2 miles or so, to get to it. Historic site, so they have moorings there, since they don’t want you anchoring. Remarkably intact, because of the Tannin in the water.

Just some info.