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Poseidon Demo in Florida A HIT!
PoseidonCentral - 10/11/2010 1:08 PM
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Poseidon Demo in Florida A HIT!Hey guys, Poseidon Diving Systems just left Pensacola Florida demonstrating the Poseidon equipment, including the Cis Lunar Discovery Mark VI, It is a popular choice.. And everyone loves it.... moving on now to the NE.

Don`t hang up that DrySuit just yet.

Jerry Price with Poseidon Will be setting up at Dutch Springs; October 15th and 16th to allow you to demo all the Poseidon gear. Including the FIRST ONLY "PLUG and PLAY" recreational Rebreather.
 The Poseidon Discovery is a fully Automatic Recreational Rebreather.
 Giving you the full effects of going bubble- less and Getting Up Close and Personal with the Sea life we have grown to love. for more information please call the office at 281-465-8600 or cell on site.713-805-1171
 Dive Safe.


AOW_dude - 10/21/2010 5:46 PM
Let us know when you’re coming to Dutch again next year when you know the dates.