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Tank in the trunk explodes in the hot Texan sun!
LatitudeAdjustment - 7/09/2013 7:53 AM
Category: Training
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Okay it was a racers NITROX tank and not a SCUBA NITROX tank but if the pressure disc doesn’t release the end result is the same

Greg - 7/09/2013 8:12 AM
Here is a link for more information:

MIDLAND - The summer heat is not only taking a toll on our electricity. It also took a toll on someone’s prized possession.

A Midland neighborhood was shook up on Wednesday afternoon when a Mustang was blown apart.

The Fire Marshal tells NewsWest 9, the owner had nitrous oxide hooked up and the heat caused the bottled gas to blow.

The car was ripped apart.

We’re told the front windshield blew onto the roof and pieces of the vehicle could be found three houses down.

The recently bought vehicle is a total loss.

Fortunately, no one was hurt.
Greg - 7/09/2013 8:15 AM
RockRat2008 - 7/09/2013 8:24 AM
Yeah, as they stated either he had an old tank with a burst disk or he tampered with and modified so it didn’t work properly.

This isn’t a real issue for concern with properly maintained tanks. Here is another exert regarding this.

In 90F heat a car trunk might reach 150F. You’d have to heat a full aluminum "80" to about 400F to reach even the hydro test pressure, which is 5,000 psi. And the burst disc (which can sound like an exploding Toyota) should blow out at about 4,500 psi, relieving the pressure.
UWnewbee - 7/09/2013 10:28 AM
sounds more like tampering/wrong usage, many may think braided lines are cool looking but they do have flaws eventhough usually rated with 6000lbs working pressure, and with the cost of a nos system exceeding over $500.00 alot try to rig up systems as hooking up a garden hose.
UWnewbee - 7/09/2013 10:35 AM
also,, as with the ways of the old of diving,, some DIY use a co2 fire extinguisher tank which is not recommended since there is NO rupture disk at all.. and actually ive seen this set up 1 time on a vehicle,, it looks good cause the polish an buff the tank, but very dangerous
Eric_R - 7/09/2013 1:39 PM
I had a burst disc go a few weeks ago when my tank was sitting in the sun and it was 80 degrees F out. It was the original disc from when I purchased the tank in 1987 so it doesn’t surprise me that it would blow at a lower pressure. At least it worked.
OUBobcat - 7/09/2013 3:50 PM
It’s unfortunate that it happened in a Mustang and not a Camaro :)
Brian_V - 8/12/2013 10:11 AM
...maybe this story needs to be forwarded to the Myth-Busters! ...they did the bit where they put cans of soda, package raw cookie dough in a heated car to prove/debunk the myth that they can explode! ...I gotta tell you, the end result from the photo looks way more exciting than watching a soda can pop & fizz!
LatitudeAdjustment - 8/12/2013 11:34 AM
From UWnewbee: some DIY use a co2 fire extinguisher tank which is not recommended since there is NO rupture disk at all..

I think my pony bottle was a fire extinguisher in a past life, it’s 2015 psi but I’ve had a few liveaboards think they are doing me a favor and topping it off by pumping it to 3000 psi without reading it or asking me! It has a nice ring at that pressure!

Had a few DM’s stop me from stepping off because they are looking at the wrong SPG and think I’m going back in with a used tank