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Is it ok to pee in a borrowed wetsuit?
badintexas - 5/20/2013 6:12 AM
Category: Survey
Replies: 41

If you borrow a wetsuit from a buddy to go scuba diving, is it ok to pee in it while underwater?
Diving_Granpa - 2/27/2018 4:29 AM
[Choose #2] absolutely not. I don’t pee in my own let alone a borrowed one. YUK!!!
USACMASDiver - 7/30/2014 2:33 PM
[Choose #2] "Go" before you go. You should know that you might have to do this, so prepare for this ahead of time before your dive.
MonkeyDiver - 1/03/2014 5:06 PM
[Choose #1] As long as there are no lumps.
RescueDiver15205 - 10/10/2013 6:22 PM
[Choose #2] I know it seems funny to say yes but it’s not...
Brian_V - 8/08/2013 12:07 PM
[Choose #1] if it fits properly, why not? ...remember, it’s sterile and feels SooOOoo good on a cold dive! ;^)
BigTex1836 - 7/23/2013 4:27 PM
[Choose #2] Makes note of self of those that choose #1....for future reference..."No, you cannot borrow my ws" :-P
sharonnaa - 7/19/2013 6:21 PM
[Choose #1] Even though I’m ok with it,,, I can’t actually perform.
gscottlane - 7/07/2013 7:52 AM
[Choose #1] As long as you don’t tell,,, Who ever you are borrowing it from has already pee’ed in it so they won’t know the difference. However,,, if I knew they had an issue and despite the hang up, still let me borrow it I would be respectful.
John_giu - 6/28/2013 4:26 PM
[Choose #2] I certainly WILL NOT pee in my own. That’s a nasty thing even for a guy to do
RockRat2008 - 6/17/2013 5:34 AM
[Choose #1] Do it, admit it, clean it. :-)
uwlover4u - 5/24/2013 6:35 AM
[Choose #1] I guess a follow up question would be is it ok to pee in the shower after the dive?
tazzer9797 - 5/21/2013 7:34 PM
[Choose #1] WHATS THE SAYING....Only 2 types of divers when it comes to peeing in a wet suit ...Those that HAVE.. and those that lie about NOT doing it...hahahaha
Scubadad2 - 5/21/2013 4:25 PM
[Choose #2] NO basic instructor said. "Don’t do it, but it happens every time....."
SCUBAFOX - 5/21/2013 8:30 AM
[Choose #1] If its your best freinds wetsuit you owe it to yourself to pee in it before you give it back. :)
zielit - 5/21/2013 8:19 AM
[Choose #2] Borrowed, owned doesn’t matter. Besides you might get into wrong habit if you dive in drysuit as well.
bronxdiver - 5/20/2013 5:54 PM
[Choose #2] I dnt piss in wetsuits period!
dontdiveenuf - 5/20/2013 2:30 PM
[Choose #1] If you’re borrowing it from a friend, you should be responsible for giving it a good cleaning before you return it, regardless of your prediliction for "immersion diaresis."
dalehall - 5/20/2013 8:48 AM
[Choose #2] Sorry. Going against the norm here. I don’t even pee in my wetsuit (Yes, I get merciless amounts of razzing from my groups) so I sure don’t want anyone else peeing in it.
DEWITT03 - 5/20/2013 7:53 AM
[Choose #1] they will never know lol....
Rich-D-Fish - 5/20/2013 7:01 AM
[Choose #1] It’s a form of flattery to be sure!
Greg - 5/20/2013 6:33 AM
[Choose #1] Its not healthy to keep yourself from peeing. Besides, its sterile right :)
tardmaster - 5/20/2013 6:20 AM
[Choose #1] Yes, unless you borrowed it from me. ;-)