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Sea Elite?
dmmalien - 12/01/2009 1:41 AM
Category: Equipment
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Just curious if anyone has had any experience with Sea Elite products. Are they any good? Are they easy to get serviced? Thanks in advance for any info!
LatitudeAdjustment - 12/01/2009 11:05 AM
I think it is a store brand, I have never seen it elsewhere except at Divers Supply.
UWnewbee - 12/01/2009 9:49 PM
 Yes Divers Supply,,, but heres a thought, will your lds (local dive shop) or any other service it???
UncleOwen - 12/01/2009 9:57 PM
That’s what I own...from Divers’ Supply. No problems so far; but it (my main) is brand new (4 dives). I can’t imagine a dive shop not willing to work on a certain manufacturer’s gear...but I guess I will find out for sure in 9 months or so.
UWnewbee - 12/01/2009 10:06 PM
 My lds sells sherwood,mares,scubapro, etc. wont service a poseidon! I guess thats just their choice!
SCUBAU - 12/02/2009 9:53 AM

The problem with servicing equipment is whether you can get parts and do you have a service technician trained to service that equipment, otherwise you have liability issues.

We at SCUBA "U" sell Atomic, Aeris, Zeagle, Mares and Cressi-Sub as our primary lines but have a service technician on staff that can service just about every regulator out there but do not have one that can service Sea Elite.

If you live close by to the store and really want that equipment and feel you are getting a good price then buy it. If not shop around and even shoot me an e-mail if you need a price on equipment. We can ship any product to you.




scubau [ at ]
#142 - 12/02/2009 1:58 PM
I know of it, but we don’t service that brand. We service everybrand pretty much. Some shops will buy direct from a manufacturer, in mass, then they sell that brand only through their network of shops. You can probobly count on getting serviced where you buy it. But I just spoke to my reg tech and he does not do it. Good luck
RickCavanaugh - 12/02/2009 8:22 PM
You can ups the reg for its service.

However if you are on vacation and it needs service you are better off having a very main stream reg you are now on a beach vacation. The odds of this happening are small. But it can happen.

I always suggest diving your recently serviced regs before going on an expensive dive vacation.
dalehall - 12/03/2009 12:08 PM
I also own Sea Elite stuff.. D/S World HQ is only a few miles from my house.. The price was right and the quality of the equipment is good.. I have close to 100 dives on my reg set and it has been as far down as 137 feet with no problems what-so-ever. I also use the Sea Elite EBS bp/w set-up and love it!! We have a guy in the local Scuba Club that used to own a Dive Shop and I use him to service my regs (a whole ’nuther story) but since Sea Elite stuff is always modeled after other brand name equipment, generic parts work fine and I have had no problems at all with my stuff..
JeffQCScuba - 12/03/2009 12:59 PM

Can’t speak for the latest models but years ago I tested some of the regs down to 300fsw+ and was very happy with the performance! In fact, some of the original Divers Supply catalogs had a caption regarding the O/W tests we performed.

As to servicing. I had one of my customers bring in a Sea Elite reg that must be 2-3 years old. No problem servicing it!

dmmalien - 12/03/2009 10:28 PM
I really appreciate all of the replies. It definitely gives me some things to think about. I feel less nervous about buying Sea Elite now but I do need to make sure one of my LDS can service them before I buy one. That is something I didn’t even think of.
Kemperite - 12/08/2009 9:41 AM

I’ll come late to the party - Sea Elite is the "house" brand of Divers Supply. Their home base store is in Macon Georgia but they have shops in NC, GA, and FL. If you are not near one of their shops then you can call the Macon, GA store and make arrangements to ship your Sea Elite product to them for service. They usually have a 2-3 week turn time on the product from the time they receive it till the time you receive it back.

The BCD’s are made in the same facility as many other dive gear brands (in fact, I visited a plant in California where BCD’s and Dry Suits were being made for 8 different lines! - but I digress). Their tank manifolds are actually the prototype for most technical tank manifolds. I use one of their regulators for my Oxygen deco rig.

If there are any regulator service technicians who wish to take the Sea Elite repair clinic it can be done at the Divers Supply facility in Macon, Georgia with their lead tech.

I don’t work for Divers Supply but I have purchased about $75,000 worth of gear from them over the past ten years - both Sea Elite and international brands. I know the owner and a number of the store managers across the region. They have always strived to make it right and are all experienced divers. If you are buying online from Divers Supply then feel free to go for it. I would caution you against making any scuba gear purchase second hand. Remember, product warranties on dive gear are for the original purchaser only.