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Danny from St Petersburg FL | Instructor

I am a(n):
  • ASHI Master Instructor Trainer
  • MEDIC FIRST AID Master Instructor Trainer
    • CPR, First Aid and AED’s for Adult Child and Infant
    • Emergency Oxygen
    • Bloodborne Pathogens
    • Instructor and Instructor Trainer Courses
  • DAN Examiner
    • DAN DES Instructor Trainer
    • DAN Professional Diver Instructor Trainer
    • Top 15 Instructor for the past 5 years (Over 100 DAN Students Certified each year)
    • Selected as the DAN 2007 Excellence in Training Award (Check your Summer 2008 Oxygen Window for article)
  • IANTD Technical / Normoxic Trimix Instructor Trainer
  • IANTD Trimix Instructor
  • SDI Instructor Trainer
    • SDI Specialty Instructor Trainer
    • SDI Scubility (Handicapped) Instructor Trainer
    • SDI Solo Diving Instructor Trainer
  • TDI Technical Instructor Trainer
  • TDI Advanced Trimix Instructor
  • TDI Advanced Wreck Instructor
  • USCG 200GRT (Motor) Near Coastal Domestic Master Captain w/Towing Endorsement

  • There’s more but I hit the highlights since people ask. Don’t be intimidated to talk with me just because you only have 4 dives and an Open Water Certification. We all start somewhere and believe me - if I hadn’t have hooked up with some very experienced Technical Divers a long while ago I probably would never have picked up half of the dive learning I’ve managed. Looking for divers for fun or divers who want to learn more in the Technical Realm. I have become a regular guy - house and yard work and all that stuff. At least I’m in Florida full-time again.

    My travel profile can be found at:

    Check out where in the world I am and we can possibly get together for a dive or a pint of Guinness.

    Meanwhile - This was too long to put in the Forum:

    We’ll start with an excerpt from my profile:

    "So what does it take to get added as one of my dive buddies on Funny you should ask - even if you didn’t ask. I’m not out to be the guy with the most buddy links. If I don’t dive with you then I’m not interested in saying you’re one of my links. How come not everyone gets a check mark then? Well, as an Examiner I’ve taught an awful lot of classes that were only in the classroom. I consider those people to be "Dry Dive Buddies". I may have been invited to dive Baltimore Harbor in February but I’ve gained a bit of sense over the years and politely declined. So take one of my classes in the classroom or call me and say, "Hey Danny, let’s go diving at this location on this date." and I’ll certainly add you as a buddy here. Until then it’s all just talk and I put more faith in bubbles."

    So that being said, I was called rude today because I denied yet another buddy request. This kind of set me off. Wait, I have a disclaimer in my profile that says email me, talk to me, train with me, DIVE WITH ME - and when I deny a buddy request from someone with whom I have never met, gone diving, done training or otherwise had contact with I’m the rude one?

    I’ve been on this site pretty much from the very beginning. I recognize all of those screen captures posted in Greg’s photo section. I recall a woman on this site getting extremely offended when I clicked the buddy link on her profile several years ago. She was in California and a University student. She was in the University Dive Program so I wanted to ask her about the training and the program and her thoughts and opinions on dive safety and what she thought would be an important addition to the training. It was academic in nature. Come on - she dives California where the water is cold...I certainly wasn’t hitting on her by making her my buddy. I take issue with cold water - it would have never worked between us. :)

    Anyway - We have this new thing where we can set our profile to private. This means that only our divebuddies can view it or send us email. However, anyone can request to be your buddy. So in this instance you have to buddy someone in order to talk to them. That’s pretty much the only real exception I make to letting someone on my buddy list - and after a few months of inactivity I have no problem pruning them from my list. Seriously, I’ve been here since the doors opened and still haven’t hit 60 buddies. I’m not into the MySpace crowd of feeling special only if I have more buddies than all of my other friends. If you aren’t in my cell phone then you probably won’t be my DiveBuddy. If I can’t call you to plan a dive or just meet up for a beer in your city then you don’t really have DB status.

    Does this mean that I’ll ignore your email? Absolutely NOT. I enjoy talking to other divers. I like to hear dive stories. I want to see your pictures! The underwater ones. Want to talk training or agencies? Type up a note and I’ll be sure to either reply with answers or my number and we’ll chat it up on the phone. If I talk to you on the phone and I’m going to tell the world that we are now BFF’s? Ummm, no. We need to actually go diving or have a class for that status.

    I use the buddy list in a very organized manner. I have the groupings set for various types of buddies. Actual friends where I’ll call ahead and crash on their couch. Dive Shops where I’ve conducted events. Dive Instructors who took Diving classes from me. Dive Instructors who took Dive Safety Training from me. Dive Instructors who I’ve been diving with but didn’t do a class with me. Non-Instructor students. Non-Instructor divers who I’ve been diving with. Seriously, there is no catagory for: "Just clicked the add buddy button and never said a word to me in my life EVER before this moment and didn’t even bother to send an email introduction with the request."

    I know some people read this. I’m on LinkedIn and I have DB members who link me on LinkedIn because we are both in the DB group there. None of them have sent a buddy request here on DB. Why is that? Maybe because they actually read my profile. Situational Awareness and Attention to Detail are two traits that I require in my Instructor Candidates.

    So please, if anyone denies your request to be their buddy on this website, don’t take it personal! Sending a nasty email about being rude after having your buddy request denied is childish. Sending a nasty email about having your buddy request denied because you didn’t read a profile and then blocking the member because you are miffed at having been denied is even more childish. This is why Greg had to add things like the block feature and the private profile feature. Too many crazies in this world. I don’t need to associate with crazies - I’ve dated enough to have had my fill. I certainly don’t need a crazy on my buddy list.

    I had a friend of mine with a Registered Sex Offender on her Buddy List at another website. I wrote to her and asked how she knew him. She honestly didn’t recall and figured that he had friended her because she was looking for dive shops in a certain area and he had replied. I told her that I would not be associated with him because it wasn’t proper in the corporate image world to be associated with a Registered Sex Offender as an Examiner. So either I had to come off her buddy list or he did. She took him off because she didn’t want to associate with that either. The point is though - she DIDN’T KNOW because she didn’t actually know the man!


Greg - 1/19/2009 10:19 AM
That was funny about the Kudos comment :)
Redalert - 8/10/2008 8:34 AM
Hey. Good to hear from ya. It sounds like I am jealous of your life. I would love to travel around the country and dive everywhere. I don’t get out as much as I would like to, seems like thats the story of my life. I try to get out to the local springs cause there a little more affordable. I am advanced right now. Thanks for the invite but I don’t think I can make it. Keep in touch though.
boggy48 - 6/05/2008 11:19 AM
At least I was being a good diver and staying next to my standing tank! :o)