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Dutch Springs - Bethlehem PA

Located in the beautiful Lehigh Valley, Dutch Springs is a little more adventure... A little more extreme... above and below the surface! Besides scuba diving, there is an aqua park, you can go camping, and climb their rock wall and ropes course.

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Jack18 - 1 day 5 hours ago.
I need a buddy for Friday July 20th.. would like to meet at 10am..Thanks
Jack18 - 1 day 16 hours ago.
Rating Added: 5
Frankenfish - 3 days 9 hours ago.
I went scuba diving here on 7/14/2018. Average viz: 11-15ft/3-5m.
AlexD - 7 days 9 hours ago.
Looking for a buddy for this Saturday, July 14th. Is anyone coming? No specific plans, will join any adventure within OW limit.
-JD- - 6 days 16 hours ago.
I’m planning on being there for the SDI/TDI Demo event ( also on the Dutch events page.) Since I don’t know exactly what they have to actually try and how it will be run/scheduled, I don’t really know how free I’ll be to do general diving. If you are interested in the event I’m sure a demo-buddy would be good - you should sign up online ad do the waivers in advance.
akf - 6 days 14 hours ago.
I"m flying solo and will be camping out all weekend, also trying to jump on any adventure.
JoeWR - 6 days 14 hours ago.
Hey, guys. I’ll should be there and probably have some buddies with me. Let’s get a group together. Joe G.
AlexD - 6 days 12 hours ago.
JD, thanks for the info regarding SDI/TDI event. I have signed up the waiver and will try to join thier demo dives. However, if thier schedule is not good enough, will be happy to dive more.
AlexD - 6 days 12 hours ago.
JD, afk, JoeWR, let’s stay in touch. I’m going to arrive around 8am and check SDI/TDI demo dive options. If nothing or not enough up to my mind, would be happy to dive together. My phone number is (347) 429 5752. Text me.
IronRanger - 6 days 11 hours ago.
Hi Folks, I’ll be camping Friday to Sunday morning. North side of peninsula at top of the hill. White pop-up & LLBean tent. Anyone looking for a buddy can stop by.
-JD- - 6 days 11 hours ago.
Great. I’m also planning on being up early and parking in the penninsula lot if they don’t have it closed down for the demo event. I should be driving an older white BMW wagon. Phone/text is 215-292-1767.
JoeWR - 6 days 11 hours ago.
Hi, Wayne. I hope to see you there Saturday and Sunday. Ashley, feel free to join Wayne and me. JD and Aleksey, join us for a dive if you’re not doing a demo. Aleksey, I’ll check in with you via text on Saturday. Joe G.
akf - 5 days 22 hours ago.
Thanks Joe, I’ll see you tomorrow
AlexD - 3 days 10 hours ago.
Was nice to meet you all, guys. Sorry, I wasn’t able to join you on Saturday. My last demo dive had been finished around 2:30pm, you were on a dive and I had no chance to stay much longer. Hope to dive with you next time. Ashley, I’ll send you the information about girls’ dive event in private message.
Diving_Duck - 8 days 14 hours ago.
Looking for a buddy for Friday
JohnDiver123 - 8 days 1 hour ago.
I will be there with a few others. You are welcome to join.
Danny2000 - 10 days 18 hours ago.
hi, i would like to go diving at duch springs this july. i just started diving, im open water certified and im looking for a dive buddy to teach me some useful tricks etc. I do have to rent my own gear part from my mask and fins so if there are any dive shops doing anything also hit me up. thx
JoeWR - 9 days 9 hours ago.
Hi, Daniel. I’m at Dutch Springs pretty frequently with my dive buddies. You’re welcome to join us. I just completed the rescue diver course. My dive shop will not be there again until early August. Let me know when you’re free. Joe G.
JohnDiver123 - 8 days 1 hour ago.
I’ll be there this Friday and hope to go most Fridays throughout the summer and into October.
scubadave102576 - 12 days 10 hours ago.
I will be at Dutch Springs at 8:00AM tomorrow, Saturday, July 7,2018
My phone number is (845)521-0774
JoeWR - 12 days 9 hours ago.
Hi, Dave. I’m doing part of the rescue course in the morning. However, I should be free in the afternoon if you need a buddy.
akf - 13 days 15 hours ago.
I’ve got my AOW last year and want to get my feet wet again. I want to get the Dutch Springs camping package this weekend (Jul07-08) and I’m looking for a diving buddy.
PaulHruby - 13 days 14 hours ago.
I’m planning on being there Sunday, July 8th.
JoeWR - 13 days 14 hours ago.
Hi, Ashley. I will be at Dutch Springs this weekend with my dive shop and some buddies. Feel free to join us if you want to dive. Joe G.
akf - 13 days 12 hours ago.
I’m trying to reply to PMs but I’m not allowed till my profile has been "review by an admin". I will reach out individually as soon as I can. Now that I know I’ll have friends I’m 100% in.
JoeWR - 13 days 8 hours ago.
OK, no problem. In the meantime, you can e-mail me at
TedG - 12 days 10 hours ago.
Interested in a Night Dive on Saturday 7/7? I’m thinking about getting to DS mid-afternoon, possibly getting in an afternoon dive, then a night dive/camping and a few dives Sunday Morning.
JoeWR - 12 days 10 hours ago.
Ted, a buddy of mine is doing the night dive for AOW, so I’m going along with her. Feel free to join us.
TedG - 12 days 9 hours ago.
Joe, let me know what shop you are with or shoot me a TXT at 717-860-2745 and I’ll look you up. Guessing you’ll be on the peninsula?
JoeWR - 12 days 8 hours ago.
Ted, I am with A Water Odyssey Scuba. We are set up on the right side of the peninsula when you come down the hill. Look for the canopies and the blue F-150 with the shop name. We’re close to the water. You can text me at 570-262-9009. Joe G.
TedG - 10 days 11 hours ago.
Great weekend all! It was an honor an a pleasure to meet and dive with you. Hope to see you all soon!
Kamel - 15 days 16 hours ago.
Anyone looking to dive on July 8th ?
PaulHruby - 13 days 14 hours ago.
I plan on being there July 8th as well
JoeWR - 13 days 14 hours ago.
I will be there as well. Joe G.
TedG - 12 days 10 hours ago.
I should be there as well - at least until noon/1PM
PaulHruby - 17 days 12 hours ago.
I would like to dive Dutch Springs either this coming weekend July 7-8 or the following, July 14-15. If you will be there please let me know. PAUL HRUBY 917-536-8371
JoeWR - 17 days 7 hours ago.
Hi, Paul. I will be there with my shop July 7-8. I’m scheduled to do the Rescue class, but there will be other people around to dive with. I might also be there the following weekend, but I’ll know for sure as we get closer. Joe G.
TedG - 12 days 10 hours ago.
Paul, I’m pretty sure I’ll be there 7/7 in the afternoon staying over until about Noon on Sunday. Feel free to TXT me717-860-2745
AlexD - 7 days 9 hours ago.
Would be happy to join on July 14th. Are you going to come?
JohnDiver123 - 18 days 11 hours ago.
Trying to get to Dutch most Friday’s starting 7/13. Buddies welcome.
JoeWR - 17 days 7 hours ago.
Hi, John. I’m usually there on Fridays with Alvin and others. Text me if you want to join. Joe G.
JohnDiver123 - 16 days 23 hours ago.
Hi Joe. I hope to see you there!
-JD- - 18 days 21 hours ago.
Hi, Folks. Newbie here.

Is anybody looking for a buddy Monday 7/2 or Tue 7/3?

I did AOW in the fall there and will be doing Rescue in a few weeks and need to do some tune/tweak/kit-checkout diving before. Beyond that, I’m amenable to pretty much anything. I’ve been out of the water since the fall - my spring break dives in the keys got blown out. :-(
Dave3rd - 22 days 20 hours ago.
Anyone looking to dive Sunday July 1st?
Dan618 - 22 days 13 hours ago.
Hi Dave, I can make it Sunday morning.
KelvinBatista - 22 days 11 hours ago.
I should be available Saturday and Sunday. Text me @347-307-7250
IronRanger - 21 days 17 hours ago.
I’m planning on being at Dutch for the weekend. Could use buddies Saturday and Sunday morning.
TedG - 21 days 8 hours ago.
I just found out that I will be free Saturday and possibly Sunday Morning. I’m not very experienced, but interested in getting at least one dive in before lunch if I can find a buddy. TXT:717-860-2745
JoeWR - 20 days 7 hours ago.
Hi, guys. I might be there Saturday. If so, I’ll text for a meet up.
JohnDiver123 - 25 days 21 hours ago.
joe kickstand like your new name. You need to tell everyone so they know it’s you!
JohnDiver123 - 25 days 21 hours ago.
Here is some info on beach 8th street.

Closer than Dutch Springs. Maybe a 1-2 tank dive. Would like to go during the week sonme time. Need to check tide tables.
KelvinBatista - 26 days 14 hours ago.
Anyone looking to dive tomorrow Saturday June 23 or Sunday June 24? Text me at 347-307-7250
JohnDiver123 - 26 days 13 hours ago.
Are you in NYC? Want to do a beach 8th street dive in Rockaway this summer?
KelvinBatista - 25 days 23 hours ago.
Yes. Lmk when your ready
kickstand - 25 days 22 hours ago.
Sounds like the kinda dive requiring a kickstand ...
Erik_F - 25 days 22 hours ago.
How is the diving on 8th street? And parking? It’s only 50 minutes away from me.
JMH115 - 27 days 19 hours ago.
I went scuba diving here on 6/3/2018. Average viz: 36-40ft/11-12m. Water temp: Under 50°F/10°C.
Diverdown51081 - 29 days 12 hours ago.
Hello all, Is anybody looking for a dive buddie for Saturday July 7th? Thanks Dan-
PASCALE - 6/18/2018 11:10 PM
Hi every boddies,
I just finish my advanced open water class. I would like find a buddy for dive in Dutch Spring in June and July. I am flexible, I will be available during the week or weekends.

Seen you,
JoeWR - 6/18/2018 11:16 PM
Hi, Pascale. Congratulations on your advanced certification. I am at Dutch Springs frequently with my buddies. I should be there the last week in June and throughout July. Message me when you’d like to go. Joe G.
AlvinM74 - 29 days 9 hours ago.
Hi Pascale - I am looking for a dive buddy friday 6/22 or most weekends. Let me know if you’re available friday. I am one Joe G dive buddy too. I live very close to Dutch message me anytime. I’m aways looking to go as much as I can. - Alvin M
JoeWR - 29 days 8 hours ago.
Hi, Pascale: you can e-mail me at
Dan618 - 6/17/2018 1:22 PM
Rating Added: 5
Got certified at Dutch Springs this year. Visibility was good, 30 to 40 feet. Temperature was 50F at 55 feet or so. Everything was convenient to use. It makes a great place to just dive and practice.

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