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Chuck from Loveland CO | Scuba Diver

I’ve been certified ever since 1985 and was an active diver while in California. I moved back to Colorado (born and raised here) in 1996 and my diving habits decreased quite a bit. Lake diving in the Grand Junction area was not appealing - my choices were very limited and if I wanted anything with decent visibility I would have to resort to high altitude (over 8000 feet) dives. So my activity dropped of significantly, although I always managed to log at least 2 dives annually.
My job, however, recently moved me to the front range. Here the lakes are close, the water is warmer, and often the visibility is acceptable, so I am looking at getting back into lake diving and perhaps ice diving some day.

I am looking for a dive buddy who has more recent experience than I do, and who is up to date on the newer equipment and updated diving techniques.

I have been in the Army for the last 30 plus years, so I may not be good company for some folks, but I am able to hang out with just about anyone willing to put up with the indoctrination that comes from being a career soldier. This biggest thing stopping me from diving regularly is the lack of a dive buddy (my 26 year old son is still living in GJ).