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Diving down south
lerpy - 8/26/2011 11:04 AM
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Category: Travel
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So I am sitting here this morning planning my trips down south once the cold weather hits. Mom and Dad have booked a condo in Pompano Beach FLA over Christmas and have invited me along all expenses paid, my parents are awesome. Let this be a warning though to those with young kids, I am 35 and still get mom and dad to take me on trips, LOL. Plan on doing at least a couple of days of diving while down there.

Trip number two. Upon returning from FLA I will work 3 shifts then turn around and head to The Bahamas for 7 days. Gear will hardly have time to dry and yes I know I sound a little spoiled. By the end I will not really want to return to work in the middle of January in the freezing cold and snow. 4 days of diving and a total of 12 dives planned with Stuart Cove including their shark dive. Should be exciting, might need a new wet suit by the end.

So there it is my first attempt at blogging, man, blogging, tweeting, FBing, BBM, its all so confusing.

Oh ya, also headed to Dutch Spring in PA for a few days at the end of Sept, should be fun, good spot to get some skills practice. I have never been there so very interested to check it out, perhaps I will put something up about my expereience there.

Other than that I will be doing my weekly diving here in Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence river until the 7mm is no longer warm enough, ( here come all the dry suit divers bragging about their long season) maybe someday.