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Missing the water already
bluewater - 10/09/2007 9:04 AM
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Category: Personal
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I spent the weekend (fri, sat, sun) getting certified. Right before that I had gone out and bought a bunch of new clothes because I realized I didn`t have anything Fall-like to wear to work and I have a bunch of business events coming up. At the time, I was stoked to have a whole new work wardrobe. But when Friday, then Saturday and Sunday came, I realized that it was the BEST feeling to have to be somewhere where the only things I needed to put on were my flip flops, bathing suit and shorts. I know I`m a long way off from making this a career, and at 40 it`s a bit of a fantasy to think that I could turn this into a career, but wow, I`ll love the day when "getting ready for work" will mean jumping into my flip fops and shorts. I`m heading to Acapulco in two weeks to see my guy, who`s supposed to be coming off his latest trick on the oil rigs sometime soon (we never know exactly when it will be). He went onto the rigs before I`d signed up for PADI, so when I see him I`m going to love surprising him with my cert card! I`m hoping for blue water in Acapulco!