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Diving after knee replacement
scubaclay - 6/25/2011 12:20 PM
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Back in March 2011 I had a complete knee replacement, I just want to put out a few thoughts on diving after knee replacement. First let me state that I am NOT the typical person when it comes to recovery. I am a very stubern little Irishman, I do Not sit around well.

Back in January I was advised by my Orthopedic surgen, that I needed to have both knees replaced. This fact I was painfully aware of, having suffered with pain for more than 39 years. So in January I was advised that I was finally OLD enough to get them done.

On March 2nd I had the left knee replaced, since it was the most painfull. The surgery went very well, and I was on my feet two days after the surgery. Walking with a walker, I was able to move around slightly. After a week in the hospital, I was transfered to inpatient rehab. The first full day there the therapist came to my room and advised me that I would start therapy that afternoon. My first therapy session consisted of walking with the walker from my room to the therapy room. Once there I was evaluated and got rid of the walker in favor of a cane. I spent four days in inpatient therapy and was released to go home.

After a few days I entered into outpatient therapy, and had the staples removed by the Dr.. Who also told me that I was able to go into the pool and strech my leg. After three weeks in therapy I was able to do away with the cane and the Dr. told me that in 3 weeks I could do some diving. After 6 weeks from the surgery I was able to do a single short dive.

The big lession I have learned from this endever was that I had lost a lot of endurance. The let was soar for 4 days after the dive. I have done some more dives, going deeper and longer duration dives. I am still building up my endurance to dive, by just doing one dive a day. Just about the time that I am back to full condition, I will have the right knee done ( Oct 4th ).

My best advice to divers who have to have this type of surgery, is DON’T let anyone tell you that you will be out of the water for an extended period of time. Find a good sports Medicine DR., who is also a diver. Also work at your own pace, and swim a lot. Fortunately for me, I am very stubern and refuse to sit down. I was back in the water in 6 weeks and now doing the type of dives I want to do, in less that 3 months.