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Scuba diving in Mauritius
fafnir - 3/01/2011 1:54 AM
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Category: Travel
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Mauritius is regarded as a quality diving site thanks to its magnificent lagoons. It is specially known for being ideal for divers of varying experience, from novices who wish to start learning how to dive to experts with more than several years of experience under their belt. Although scuba diving in Mauritius seems to be more favored by tourists, the local population are also turning towards it more. However, the relatively expensive prices of lessons and equipments do constitute a turnoff for many, especially with the economic conditions currently prevailing in the island.

The good news is for scuba divers is that many hotel Mauritius offers now include scuba diving. Even those that do not will no doubt include those at more affordable rates. You should however check if these hotels are permitted to do so, as scuba diving is tightly regulated in Mauritius. There are now several agencies offering these kinds of services though.