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sad day
Posted by scott
sad day
scott - 9/22/2007 8:18 AM
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Category: Personal
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sad day June 8 2005.The photo was not a training day. This was the day I pulled a 19 year old out from 12 feet of 61 degree fresh water. The pond is a water reservoir for the domestic water supply for surrounding towns. It was remote and not for use of recreation. Though like many kids,taboos will give them a boost in the peers circle. He was on the bottom for about 40 minutes. I was the first one in and the tender put me almost on top of the student. All I needed was 5 more feet of rope that I was tethered to and I could have touched him. (I’m not sure if that day all my rope signals were correct but and I know there is no official signal for “give me more rope”. I do know underwater communications are a necessity in a case like this.) I signaled to the tender with a couple of hard yanks on the rope,that I needed to advance- though he stood fast to his ground. (Just like you’re taught) I had to surface and ask for the 5 feet of tether line and back to the bottom to grab the drowned victim. Once I had a hold on him I signaled to pull me in with the young man in my grip. As soon as the poor sole was to shore, fire fighters and other divers stared CPR though, it was in vane. The Nashua Fire rescue dive team did what they do and a great job too. If only the town had called sooner, who knows what would have become of the rescue.


Greg - 6/03/2012 1:45 PM
So did you all ever come with a signal for "more rope"?
scott - 6/04/2012 5:50 AM
I did open a can of hornets when I told Butch, I had a problem with the rope signal and, what we cam up with is, If a diver needed just a little more rope to reach something, instead of making another pass in the pattern of searching the diver would give one pull on the rope when the tender on shore responded with a “1”, the diver would try to pull another 5 feet of rope out of his hand. This is the best solution Walt Hendrick. “Butch” could come up with. Too bad that one day it didn’t work. I didn’t make any friends with him when I said that’s not good enough. We do have Coms though nobody will maintain the batteries and consequently we never use them. One Capitan’s theory is we should know the rope signals well enough. He did at one time ask me to work for him and I told him I’d think about it “I don’t think so Tim”. Any way thanks for asking Greg. Keep up the god work my friend.
NWKatShark - 9/23/2007 6:35 PM
Sorry to hear it had to be a "recovery dive" Scott. At least you were able to find the target. You did well. Larry