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Anybody want a 4 island dive trip Im planning??
CaliforniaKeith - 9/03/2007 5:35 PM
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Anybody want a 4 island dive trip Im planning??Im thinking about a 4 island dive trip to our islands out here in california. Look on google earth & you can see them. The trip would be a 2 day quick one on a weekend or take another day off work & make it a 3 day trip. It would go like this for a 2 day trip. Leave San Pedro in So Cal 5am. on a Sat morn, at Catalina island by 6am. Stop at the Famous City of Avalon to refuel & get some quick pics of the harbor there. Go to the back side of Catalina for a dive by 7.30am. Dive & rest 2 hrs, now abt 10am, leave the back of Catalina at 10am, go to the front of San Clemente Island abt 30 miles from Catalina 2hrs max. Now its 12 noon. Day dive & night dive at San Clemente Island. Cook what we caught for dinner & break out the wine. Maybe there will be a beach we can land on San Clemente. Up 5am San Clemente on Sunday morn after a slow cruise down the coast of Clemente, leave that Island 6.30 am, go to San Nicolas Island to the back side so we can circle the island, at San Nicolas by 10.30am dive & eat & leave by 1pm, then go to Santa Barbara Island by 3pm & dive, leave 4.30pm, go to Twin Harbor of Catalina for refuel & stop in the harbor for a bit. Leave Catalina again at 6.30pm, back to Pedro California by 7.30pm to 8.30pm. This is a trip that few people & boats can ever do. Because my boat has a faster on plane cruising speed, I can Island hop like no other boat can. We have to plan a trip like this for a future weekend & watch the ocean conditions so we know when it is fairly calm out there. It would be a last min yes or no depending on the ocean conditions Friday the day before we leave. So we might have to pass a few weekends to pick the right weekend & have some FANTASTIC diving where most of the divers in California never get to go. If you want to come along you have to be a dependable person, NO FLAKES, we will all depend on each other. Sounds like an adventure 4 islands in 1 weekend. Bring your cameras. When the weekend is the right one, i will probably be at the launch ramp the friday night before we leave. I will stay in the boat or camper, between the boat & camper I have 5 beds. Or I might launch the boat & anchor it in the Harbor there over night. So anyone can join on Friday too. Keith


MrAdventure01 - 9/19/2007 1:14 PM
Hey there Keith this trip sounds pretty awesome... I am just getting into diving and I would love to hop the Islands... Let me know if you have a good weekend coming up where you are going to do this trup I am interested.