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Planning Miami trip in March/April
Rich-D-Fish - 1/28/2010 5:40 PM
Category: Travel
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I’m planning a weekend trip to Miami in March/April and wondering if anyone can tell me the can’t miss dive spot and perhaps the best charter service to use? Thanks.
malibu - 1/29/2010 2:29 PM
Go drive an hour south to Key Largo, the best in the US. The Merriott in Key Largo and "Its a Dive" is on the property.
Rich-D-Fish - 1/29/2010 7:53 PM
Okay, Key Largo sounds like it could be diving mecca. Some great wrecks down there. So can anyone recommend a really good charter service. And if you had to choose one dive spot or wreck down there as your last ever dive which would it be?
SKEETER - 1/29/2010 8:52 PM
I dive all over south Fl. Only a good dive shop would know all the best boats and places to go. There is a dive shop that had 3 shops and all the info you need. The people a can hook you upin the Keys, Key Largo , West Palm and all over. Rentels,dive boats,even places to sleep. Call them a one stop shop. Grate people!!
sk290 - 1/30/2010 12:14 AM
Hey Rich! I thought that the middle keys had the best diving when we went there last year. You could dive the Spiegel if conditions are good (check out the giant 300lb grouper). I can’t quite remember who we dove that spot with but Conch Republic Divers might have been one of them. They had a nice large boat and the crew were super nice. Watch out for the ’cattle call’ type ops (lots of them down there!) so ask lots of questions.

The wreck is pretty huge so make sure to read up on it and have a good dive plan with a plan B in case of unexpected conditions. We dove the same spot 4 times (2 different days) and didn’t see everything. There are also lots of other wrecks you can dive too.

The best key lime pies are down there too. Make sure to hit every single one of them like we did! lol I’m so jealous!!! :)

Have fun

Matt65 - 1/31/2010 12:02 AM
The one can’t miis spot for you on your trip to Miami is my house! Pick me up and take me with you Rich! I’m sooooo jelous! Have fun and of corse dive safe!
kevin9365 - 2/01/2010 1:12 AM
I just got back from key largo 1/29/2010. key largo diving is amazing! I used rainbow reef and they were great. one day they had a charter so they gave me a boarding pass on another boat. so i only had to pay them and there prices. They also supply a guide free of charge. A big plus to see the most of a dive site with no worries of navigation.
dalehall - 2/01/2010 7:46 AM
Last year, I dove Key Largo with Ocean Divers. Great shop and beautiful diving!! Highly recommended..
smokincgarz - 2/11/2010 11:10 PM
Well, everyone’s suggestions were very good but everyone strayed from your question.......Diving in MIAMI. The top dive operator in Miami Beach is RJ Diving Ventures. They are on South Beach (Alton Rd. and 4 St.). Go to their web site and get info and diving schedule. Miami just got a new artificial reef, The Ophelia Brian on Dec. 30. You may also look into Neptune Memorial Site. Its a cementary. Its better than it sounds. Hope that helps. Ask for Mike or Georgia when calling RJ they will take great care of you.