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Semi -dry wetsuits
carlito - 8/23/2010 3:26 PM
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Category: Equipment
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Semi -dry wetsuits

I have a Bare semi-dry wetsuit with an attatched hood that fits me well and is very warm 2 of the most important things to a good wetsuit, it has a dry suit zipper and this is the reason as to why I am posting this blog:)

The waterproof zipper across the chest is a good thing because the last thing I want is cold water coming in at chest level , I just read an article in the news@scuba 2000 website that explains that there is no good reason as to why a dry suit zipper is installed because a small amount of water will get in anyway through the cuffs and leg openings as it is a wetsuit and this is supposed to happen anyway.

Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated :)


Greg - 8/24/2010 8:29 AM
I’ve heard of people adding silicone or vaseline to the cuff and leg openings to help prevent water from getting in AND to make it easier to get on. If it’s made of neoprene, water may eventually get in anyways...but the dry suit zipper will help keep water out of the number one area that water comes in.