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Wreck Diving
LandSeaAir - 8/07/2010 12:29 PM
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Went out ot the Sheridan last weekend. It was a really nice day for diving. This was my first wreck although I did go to the Veterans Reef last month and looked into the barges there. I just poked my head into the big holes on the barges. The Sheridan was a little more intimidating then the barges. 

One of the people diving was talking about all the springs and caves in Florida but those haven’t gotten me much excited. I don’t see myself trying to dive the caves even if it would mean finding fossils ( I really like archeology and ancient history), but still not enough of an incentive to be under water caving. Don’t get me wrong. I wouldn’t mind going into an underwater room or go thru cave like fingers or whatever that you can see the other end or stuff like that. It’s just the caves that are tight and they go on much longer then my air that get me thinking too much.

Their was nobody going into the interior of the Sheridan (that I saw) on my first dive. I did the tourist dive around the perimeter and when the first dive was over asked Joe about whether they let you go in and he said of course. My second dive I looked into several large openings where you could see light coming through from another opening, so I ventured in several places. I knew immediately why divers get gloves and why a full wetsuit was a lot more protective then a shortie. (I almost didn’t wear even a shorite as the water was so warm) I scraped a few fingertips and several places on my knees but it was neat. I was concentrating on my passage thru the spaces so much I didn’t have too much time to contemplate what I was doing. All I can say is that at the time it was neat! I was doing something other then just floating around with my arms folded. I guess this is one of the reasons why I always have to come up first from the first dive,,,, I’m always looking into crannies and crevices and to me, everything is still awsome down there.

Later on the boat I sobered up to reflect (maybe shouldn’t "reflect" so much) about getting stuck in one of the spaces,,, how would I get help,,, get out,,,, let someone know that I was in trouble. Got me thinking but I’d do it again and next time if I get a light I may go in further and darker spaces. Maybe

Diving is such fun,,,,, wish I could do it more often.