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Wreck Diving
LandSeaAir - 8/07/2010 12:29 PM
Went out ot the Sheridan last weekend. It was a really nice day for diving. This was my first wreck although I did go to the Veterans Reef last month and looked into the barges there. I just poked my head into the big holes on the barges. The Sheridan was a little more intimidating then the barges. One of the people diving was talking about all the springs and caves in Florida but those haven’t gotten me much excited. I don’t see myself trying to dive the caves even if it would mean finding foss...
Upcoming Trip to San Pedro
LandSeaAir - 8/15/2009 3:10 PM
Sometimes I get frustrated with learning new things,,,,, diving is certainly becoming one of them. I was reminded of my upcoming Belize trip several times in the past two days soooooooo I have become focused on my trip again. I had put it off in the background since I made arrangements back in April/May to go (all the way to last week in Sept/first of Oct). I don’t do "hurry up and wait" very well. So I push these things away until I get really close to going,,,,,,, at least I try to. Came back ...