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small world
Eve - 7/18/2010 5:59 PM
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My husband and I and another Diver, by the name of Matt took our boat out of Morehead city today to enjoy the water, and we did, came in just before the storm hit, yeah. Went to our favorite local restaurant. The Sanitary restaurant food is okay but atmosphere is better, any way sitting at a table near the water relaxing when I noticed that some people that were seated behind us, or before us depending on where you are at . One of them had on a t shirt , so of course we get noisy and ask questions, do you know of, when did you come in, whats going on , all of the usual busy body questions. Yes they heard of, they are staying with discovery dive, some drove down some flew, etc. Hope the weather holds out for you, good talking to you all and I do hope we find you on Any way sometimes it pays to get noisy, seems like we meet great people and divers at that.