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A Bull Shark, A Lost Spear, And A Lost Fish
go4gone - 8/05/2007 8:45 PM
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Category: Travel
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North Carolina and June bring one thought to my mind and that is Sand Tiger I had my mind set on getting some spear fishing done this trip, so we jetted out to 23 Mile Ledge to hopefully avoid the sharks boy was I wrong. It was our first dive and everything was going great I had shot 2 sheepshead and was only 25 minutes into the dive. I was cruising along the bottom of the ledge when I had spotted a good sized grouper I lined up and took the shot. As soon as the spear penetrated the grouper a three to four foot bull shark came jetting along the ledge and decided that the grouper belonged to him. I am not one to argue with any creature while under the water, especially while 2 bleeding fish are hanging from my BC. So I did what any other sensible person would do say good bye to his spear and cut the line. After cutting my line and watching a bull shark take my grouper and spear I decided it would be a good time to salvage what I got and head for the surface. We eventually did 2 more dives that day. My buddies ended up sharing some of there other catches with me seeing no one thought to carry a spare spear, or line. Needless to say I always carry one extra spear and line on the boat now.


JollyRoger - 8/06/2007 7:21 PM
The last thing I want strapped on me on a dive is bloody fish. Had a 6ft Bull help itself 2 my stringer of fish once while wade fishing and they were at the end of a 5ft stringer that was clipped 2 my belt and suspended by a float. I can honestly say that even being above water and having the fish 5ft away- 5ft isnt far enough when theres a Bull in full attackmode at the other end and its draging you around like a toy poodle on a leash! Rope doesnt stiffen up and maintain its length as a safty parimeter when theres a shark attached at the other end either at 1 point the shark was less than 2ft from me knashing teeth despite my best efforts 2 keep the line taught by running like a girl the otherway. Releasing it from belt was impossible due 2 the thrashing. I`m no spearfisherman but having fish straped 2 you,on you or around you for any longer than nessesary is a recipe for disaster. Floatem or takem up ASAP!
Greg - 8/06/2007 1:39 PM
Good call on cutting the line. I would suggest you find a way to float the fish to the surface after spearing them instead of hanging them on you.