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DIVERS a Unique Brotherhood!
Scubagal_godive - 4/21/2010 11:21 AM
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DIVERS Share a unique brotherhood. 

L ike most families, we all tend to look a little alike. Wetsuit, regulator, mask, fins and that sun & surf windblown look that only divers can achieve! Yep, it’s true, we are all part of a unique brotherhood and those outside our family just don’t “get it”. It is almost as if God meant it to be…
The fact is, God DID intend for there to be a unique brotherhood. God intended for you to be a part of His family, with Jesus as your brother.
You can’t take any certification courses or do anything to earn membership into this brotherhood. Jesus paid your dues when He died on the corss and came back to life. The only thing you have to do to become part of the family is to BELIEVE. You believed your dive instructor and “took the plunge” now Dive Deep With A Higher Calling.
Becoming part of His brotherhood means that we now dive as a part of His creation and follow His lead as our ultimate Divemaster. You might be thinking that someday you will change your life and be good enough to commit to this family. The fact is,NONE of us will EVER be good enough. God takes us just the way we are, Nitrogen Narcosis and all! NO ONE is too ‘bent’ or bad to be loved and accepted by Him.
And experience life and diving from a whole new perspective! This very pamphlet you have in your hand has been prayed over just for YOU and this very moment. Take the plunge, DO IT! Pray with me right now, before your next dive:
God, I want to be part of your family. Eternity is a long time and I know I am going to be dead a lot longer than I will have been alive. Please forgive me for the things I’ve done that are wrong. I want your Son, Jesus, to be the ultimate Divemaster of my life. Amen.
Now that you’re a part of God’s brotherhood, you might be wondering what’s next. A good place to start is with your operators manual ~~ The Bible. Start reading toward the back in a book called “John”.
Getting and staying connected to God is easy. Praying is nothing more than talking to God just like He is your very best friend, which NOW He is! You can even do it as you dive! No radio. No TV. Just you , the sound of your exhaled air (please keep breathing!) and God, weightless in a sea of His love and forgiveness surrounded by the most amazing beauty on earth.
Another good starting place is to get connected with the rest of the brotherhood…Find a Christian church where the people love Jesus, a place where you fit in and feel you belong. They can’t necessarily fix all your problems, but like a good Dive Master they can help you work though the fears and pain you are facing. They can also point you in the right direction to get hooked up.
One of the greatest joys of any diver is to share the joy and excitement of their dive experience with others that understand. NOW you have something DEEPER to share than ANY dive story! I encourage you contact us so we can rejoice with you!
And then give up a dive or two when visiting ROATAN, HONDURAS and come work along side of us and help some very deserving and needy island families. There is always something to do for anyone that wants to help.
For further information on “Dive Deep With A Higher Calling”, helping divers to leave the island BETTER THAN YOU FOUND IT you can start with a lady the islanders call “Ma Barley” in Flowers Bay, Roatan, Honduras.
Honduras Phone number: 011 504 882 255 76