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Its getting colder!
RonSubmerged - 9/30/2009 2:08 PM
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For those of us that live in Ohio and the Great Lakes region know how the weather can be. You can sweat your @SS off one day and freeze to death within 24 hours. I think that Columbus has made its early departure from summer to winter, bypassing fall! Within a week it went from the low 80s to highs in the upper 40s.. Thats quite a difference.

My buddy and I dove today at Circleville, a bit colder than it was last week! Lets see the bottom temp was 68 (not bad) and the ambient air temp was 49!! Being the brave (stubborn) diver that I am I wore my 2.5mm Cressi shortie and boots.. Nothing else. My buddy wore his 5mm Cressi full, boots, hood and gloves. I must say that I did not get chilled until about 40 minutes of mapping the ambulance for our Divemaster training. 

Getting out was quite brisk, with my uncovered flesh turning a bright red (pre-frostbite?), letting up after drying off and getting our long pants and jackets on. 

It is obvious that the warm diving season is coming to a close so to continue we must don the heavier apparel. I would say break out the liquid courage but that impairs your judgement, haha.

I have also determined by now that I will not take someone’s word that it is cold or "you need at least a 7mm.." I will judge for myself and I find that usually they were wrong. Or, it could be due to the fact that I have a bit more natural insulation than the others. :)