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Embedding Videos
RonSubmerged - 9/30/2009 2:55 PM
Hi everyone. I have finally uploaded a few videos to the site since getting my Intova IC10 camera a few weeks ago. I wanted to share with all who do not know, how to embed a video to be able to watch it when a fellow Divebuddy wants to view your videos. 1. Go to the Quick Links drop down menu located in the upper right hand corner of the web page. 2. Choose Add New Video, which will take you to the correct page. 3. Choose a Video name. 4. Locate the video you want to share, for example a youtube...
Its getting colder!
RonSubmerged - 9/30/2009 2:08 PM
For those of us that live in Ohio and the Great Lakes region know how the weather can be. You can sweat your @SS off one day and freeze to death within 24 hours. I think that Columbus has made its early departure from summer to winter, bypassing fall! Within a week it went from the low 80s to highs in the upper 40s.. Thats quite a difference. My buddy and I dove today at Circleville, a bit colder than it was last week! Lets see the bottom temp was 68 (not bad) and the ambient air temp was 49!! B...
RonSubmerged - 9/06/2009 8:31 PM
A few buddies and I spent this past weekend at Portage Quarry in Bowling Green, OH. The whole time I was averaging about 1000 psi per 10-15 min or so, not very good basically. My buddy Redneck had a pair of Scuba Pro split fins that he ranted and raved on, and I was always saying how uncomfortable they were when I had to wear them for Divemaster training exercices. Well he was occupied with his family so I grabbed his fins and tried them out. I immediately noticed how I did not have to force the...
Possible New Dive Site
RonSubmerged - 7/21/2009 8:37 PM
A friend of mine recently made me aware of a 4 acre clear water lake in Springfield Ohio that would be perfect for a dive site. Apparently a decade or so ago there was diving and canoeing there and there are still a few items sunk there such as an old bus. This lake sets on a 58 acre parcel of land labeled as commercial / industrial real estate. I took one look at it and could picture the dive shop, the anchored buoys, and the entrance stairs. Unfortunately the brokers believe that it will be th...
Divemaster Class
RonSubmerged - 7/16/2009 10:07 AM
My buddy Redneck Rebel and I started our PADI Divemaster class last night. There are 11 people in the class and the class portion will spread over the next 8 or 9 weeks. Last night was our swim test, where we had to complete the 400yd swim, 800yd swim (mask, fins, snorkel), and the 15 minute treadwater. It was challenging but ended up getting 4 out of 5 points on the swims and finished the treadwater with no problem at all. I was soo nervous about this part but I guess I swim better than I give ...
RonSubmerged - 7/13/2009 9:43 PM
I just wanted to take a moment to talk about my experience with this site. After putting the right foot forward and getting back into diving with my buddy Tom, we did not have anyone to dive with. I saw the ads for this site on LeisurePro and originally I thought it was a dating site, haha. After checking it out I decided to create a profile. I quickly made friends and shortly after I dove with a few divebuddies. Just last week I met up with a couple guys and we all dove together, had a great ti...
The Last Dive
RonSubmerged - 6/18/2009 4:10 PM
I recently read the book The Last Dive by diver Bernie Chowdhury. I just happened to found it while looking for books on diving, why not try reading something that interests you, right? I am sure some of you have read this book before, as it came out in 2000, but some may have not known about it. Although lamenting, it was one of the most educational (non-textbook), inspirational, and touching novels I have ever read. I recommend this story to all members, it really is a must-read ...