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Long Island NY
oceanfloor - 8/28/2009 12:09 PM
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Long Island NY

On Thursday August 19th I spent 10 hours on the road driving to Long Island to visit my daughter, it was really a dive trip in disguise but we won’t tell her that, and Hurricane Bill had the nerve to cut into the weekend and mess it up for everyone except the surfers. I was excited and looking forward to diving with a crew from Tiedemann’s Dive Center, Levittown, NY at the Ponquoque Bridge. I had just recovered (so I thought) from ear infections (yes both ears) from my last dive trip and was ready to dive again. But guess what? My ears started being a real pain again the day after I arrived and so between Hurricane Bill and my ear aches, I was not able to dive. But hey , my gear looked really cool sitting on the back seat of my car the whole time I was there and I came away with a few cool beach pictures. This is a picture of Nickerson Beach, Long Island, NY


LatitudeAdjustment - 8/29/2009 6:55 AM
I guess it’s a good thing you didn’t plan on NJ inlet dives too, I never got in and this weekend is blown out too :(