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Selective about Dive buddies???
Bigdogdown - 6/01/2009 8:23 AM
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I really want to know where this being selective about my dive buddies comes from. I’m selective about my dive buddy just ask him, but he and I will dive with any one and we both enjoy making new dive buddies. Thats part of diving, are YOU the type of ahole that goes out on a dive boat and you’re too good to talk to anybody? I’m not, I have a good number of dives logged, I have enough credit and class time for my dive master and will get that soon. So why are YOU to f’ing goo to condesend to talk to me? This, I thought, is a dive networking site. A site designed to bring divers together sharing our common love of all things wet and underwater, why then are there a few members on here who feel that they are too good or important to accept freind requests. It’s not like Greg has limited the number of buddies you can have on here. I am a qualified tech diver and deep so it’s not my ability to dive, to exclude me on. I am a certified rescue diver, so I am the one that may come and save your ass when you get in too deep. You can’t tell me it’s because I smell cause you can’t tell that there sitting in your chair with your hands down your pants. So WHY WHY do some think on this site that it is D’ riguer be exclusive with who they will accept as a friend on this site. We are all divers on this site and all here to meet up with other divers. If not then you are just a poser, but you know the problem with posers? They are the ones that get you DEAD on a dive!! We have all had a problem underwater at one point or another, and we all have come to rely on a stranger on a dive that could’ve ended worse then it did. So you want to be exclusive to those people like me who might save you one day? We are all divers here, which means we do something that others don’t. Our recreation is going outside our instinctive comfort zone, so how aren’t people comfortable making new friends. I’m not selective, I like to meet people and I AM an AHOLE, it doesn’t take any extra work to make buddies on here so what’s the problem? Bet you if my boobs we bigger or I had a thinner butt I would find myself on your selective buddy list. Keep being selective about your buddies, but if you find yourself on the same dive boat as me don’t get into trouble, because I might be "selective" about saving your sorry self.


steelheadfish - 6/07/2009 7:21 PM
Well i guess im one of those people i enjoy the small talk of diving, but when it comes to the splash well.... i have 3 dive buddies 2 guys and one chick and i have gone though say 12 or 13 people not bad people but not my kind of people, dont like to dive with people who constantly have problems, whether lack of skill scared or whatever, I DO NOT wish to hold peoples hand, lend a hand yes hold it ! aaa no, I find most people i tolerate diving with were prior military, dunno why thats who i jive with. I am not a people person i will dive with just about anyone once or twice if we dont click i am just not interested in diving with that person again, nothing personel but it is the way it is, and hey if i become a floater while diving I SCREWED up and i paid the price I should of been able to take care of it myself, and there is nothing wrong with passin on to see the man while diving!!
nauidiver - 6/06/2009 12:54 PM
Don’t know man... I guess some people just signed up for dive site info & not looking to really meet anyone online... Thats my guess but who knows... I sent you a request I hope you’ll add me! :o)

- Dale
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DiveBuddyChgo - 6/03/2009 5:31 AM
I don’t see a problem...I do deny buddy request...Why should I put a buddy on my list that is trying to sell something or have a business interest... I will also deny buddy request to divers that I will never dive with or also will take divers off of my buddy list that havn’t logged onto the DiveBuddy site for more then 14 days..It has nothing to do with how big your man boobs are... You did mention that ?
Bigdogdown - 6/02/2009 2:34 PM
Okay so maybe I worded this a little strong, and people are misunderstanding where I am coming from. I am not a whiner who is put out just cause somebody didn’t put me on their friends list, you can believe that! There is is no need to tell me to "get over it". I am just saying why is it necessary to limit yourself on HERE. On the boat believe me I am self sufficient and self reliant, I will save you, but I don’t rely on a buddy. I was just trying to express the elitest attitude that some people express to others who are just looking for other dive buddies and want to be friends and share a love of the sport. If you don’t want to dive with me, fine, I’ll dive anyway, but I love this sport so much and love sharing it with others. I leave it at this, if you read this and have to leave me a comment about why you need to be exclusive about your buddy list, then you are only proving my point. I’m not on here to be the most popular or have the most buddies.
adivechic - 6/02/2009 2:18 PM
Perhaps I am one of the snooty divers you are alluding to. Please don’t mistake me as one who does not make friends with everyone on the boat. However, being a recent divorcee AND as a result having lost my faithful dive buddy as a result, I am very cautious about who I dive with simply because of my own insecurities. My ex knew exactly what I wanted and needed underwater and it just takes me some time to feel comfortable with a new buddy. During my first solo trip, I was buddied with a pompus A who was a dangerous diver and once the diver master noticed this, he reconfigured it so I was his (DM) buddy. I prefer to be a buddy, not a babysitter underwater.
Rich-D-Fish - 6/02/2009 12:54 AM
Amen brother! Not quite sure what exact situation got your undies in a bunch, but I agree with you in principal. You may have just worded it a little too strong. I am of the belief ’the more the merrier.’ One dive under your belt or a thousand, if you share the love of this sport you can dive with me any time.