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"We Ain’t Scared Trip" (Piggy Flu)
csemenko - 4/30/2009 11:41 PM
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Category: Travel
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UPDATED 24 MAY 09: We are getting a room with a Jacuzzi tub on the balcony and the all inclusive food and drinks. We are planning on 1 day of shore exploration with a trip to Sanchos. We are packing bio-degradeable sun screen to help protect the reef.

 We are definately going to Cozumel Diving this Summer (August) when I get back from Afghanistan. The prices should be even cheaper. If they don’t have a travel ban we are going to call ahead and negotiate for a better deal. A little Piggy Flu scare and everybody cancels reservations...a perfect time to call up and say "so, with this issue you are having...what kinda deal will you give me on an executive suite/on your Condo for a week."

I am thinking a big trip with a Condo on the beach. Another plus will be less people to reserve a dive boat before us. ;) Less tourists from cruise trips when we want dinner reservations.

If anyone will be in Cozumel in August let me know and we will dive from a boat, the shore, etc. Take care. - chuck


yukacaver - 5/07/2009 7:06 PM

Hello guys:

I live in Cancun and so far we have no one sigle case of flu around. Good to know you are comming here!!!
Greg - 5/01/2009 11:14 AM
I’m still going in June. I figured the flu won’t live 60 feet underwater :)
LatitudeAdjustment - 5/01/2009 10:51 AM

Or they need to raise their prices because they have less toristas and the same overhead :(

I’m off to Coz in 10 days, NJ has 7 cases of swine flu, Cozumel 0

 I’m more worried about catching something from the overfed, newly wed and nearly dead pouring off those cruise ships than from the locals!

Take care over there and have fun in Coz