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Poseidon MK6
PoseidonCentral - 4/19/2009 2:29 PM
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Poseidon MK6 Now shipping –
Poseidon Discovery Poseidon has developed the world’s first rebreather for recreational divers, Poseidon
Discovery, which is now shipping to 60 countries.
Join us in Grand Cayman at Dive Tech May 16-23,2009 for a dive experience on the Discovery MK6
With Poseidon Discovery, a technique based on recycling breathing gas, it is possible to stay under
water for several hours with at max 40 metres. The Discovery is a fully automatic closed circuit
rebreather in which two continuously calibrating oxygen sensors verify electronic settings during the
“Rebreather diving for recreational divers is set to make a breakthrough all over the world. It should
be light, safe and simple to dive for everyone. Poseidon Discovery easily allows recreational
divers to stay under water at least three times as long as scuba gear. Now we are delighted to see the
start of deliveries” says Kurt Sjöblom, Managing Director of Poseidon.
Following 25 years of research and development, Poseidon has put the brand new product in
production. The development of Poseidon Discovery is the result of a Swedish-American joint
venture, involving Dr Bill Stone, Dr Richard Pyle and Nigel Jones together with Poseidon Diving
Systems AB.
The new Poseidon Discovery was launched at the DEMA exhibition in 2007 and the many advance
orders have set the Swedish diving equipment company in major delivery focus.
For further information or orders please contact
Poseidon Central
281-465-8600 The Woodlands, Texas
questions email
About Poseidon Diving Systems AB
The Swedish company Poseidon was founded by divers, for divers. When Ingvar Elfström launched the world’s first
single hose regulator in 1958, it was an overnight success. In 2002, Poseidon was purchased by Kurt Sjöblom. Today,
the company has 20 employees and some 2,000 distributors throughout the world. The head office and production are

situated in Gothenburg, Sweden.